Monday, August 1, 2016

.apres moi.


there's a man i know who
i love like i've never loved before.
with him i am the best version
of myself.
i tell myself that if this ends
it will not destroy me.
it will not take me down.
i will keep on standing.
i will be strong and unyielding.
my health will not be affected
and my personal trajectory
will not be altered.
i tell myself
i will not lose it.
i will not break.
i will not be unequivocally hurt.
i'll make the most of it.

but if i'm being honest.
the pain that i will feel will be unmatched.
the hurt that will grasp me will be unfettered.
and i'll weep for years over this man.

yay, for honesty. i've finally felt love.