Friday, May 24, 2013

"nobody sees a flower"

there are aspects of each woman i respect and admire.

angles of my mother i wish would seep into me
hardworking and strong.
attributes of my grandmothers that i hope would pass onto me
unconditional and capricious.
facets of strangers, still women, that i want to be a part of me
steadfast and unforgettable.
delicate and compelling.
surefire and astute.

the women who decide for themselves what they think.
i am in awe of them.

any woman who can tell me why a flower is so unordinary deserves my attention.
any woman who can honestly say she is resolute before the compliment or criticism demands my admiration and cognizance.
any woman who can delight in the most disheartening bleak corners of the earth is entitled to my affections.

i know that i underestimate myself and therefore underestimate these women.
i admire their traits without furthering my exploration of the characteristics themselves.