Friday, April 1, 2011

.the earth trembles.

Sometimes things are okay.
Okay when nothing feels okay.
Okay when nothing and everything is.

When you stand on a foreign street corner and stare up at the giant Cathedral as the sun bounces off of the golden top and somehow makes the atmosphere feel golden as well. And you ask what cathedral it is and they begin to tell you that the story goes that the Apostle Andrew stood on the hill that the cathedral is now ontop of and prophesied that this city will be a great Christian city, so it's Saint Andrew's Cathedral. And you smile and close your eyes with the golden light warming your face and your soul.
You live out the rest of your day like usual.

and as the night rolls in and you think about it... that feeling seems a figment of your imagination. because now you sit here alone knowing only the pain and strange sadness that you must create for yourself. You pray and say "I know that You are good and that should be enough." and you not so secretly take a breath wishing that the rapture would come and would wait at the exact same second.