Saturday, November 24, 2012

.airport people, they come and go.

There are 4 children sitting behind me as we wait at out gate. All you can hear are giggles and joyful laughter. It's a far cry from the book section in the airport - everyone silently perusing the bindings and touching which ever cover strikes them. These laughing children and those deathly quiet adults seem to have something in common... they all want to be captivated by something, taken over by a laugh or an idea or a thought. They all want to be entertained. I don't remember ever being easily entertained but I do remember searching the bookshelves for anything to take me away. To take me somewhere, anywhere. To understand me or move me. I felt that as we all stood in front of these walls of books. Knowing that most of us aren't going to buy a super expensive book unless we need it to keep us sane on the long flights to and fro. I wanted to own every book i read the back of. top sellers and not top sellers. i wanted them all. i wanted the time to read them. i wanted the energy to read them. the excitement to live through them and tell people all about them. i feel like all of that makes sense. i don't remember being a little kid too often- but i imagine it's what i feel like when i'm surrounded by tons of unread books.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

rain check.

I recently realized- like three seconds ago- that one thing that I love so much is when people do things that they are passionate about. I love hearing people who are passionate. I love seeing people do things that they are passionate about. it's beautiful to me. It feels like the way life should be. the way people were intended to be. in their "natural" state if things were the way they were supposed to be.


Tonight my roommate Kate held a candlelight prayer vigil for World Wide Diabetes Awareness Day which is today. I helped her set up candles because I knew it was important to her. She has type 1 Diabetes and is super involved in the Diabetes Community. She does a lot of stuff on AU's Campus. It's interesting to see someone so passionate about something that I don't understand well at all. Tonight she prayed for a long time as we stood in the cold. She prayed for so many things and so many people. It was like a glimpse into her mind- what she deals with and thinks every night.

It blesses me to see people live out the passions that have been laid on their hearts.