Wednesday, July 20, 2016

.the beauty of it all.


here i sit weeping.
i didn't know God loved me like this.
i didn't know life could be this beautiful.
everything isn't easy.
it's actually work.
but it's good hard work.
i'm so thankful.
so grateful that i get to even spend time with this human.
let alone get to learn how to love him.

i didn't know love like this existed.
the kind where a man would care about me so much.
where he would want to know what i think.
would get mad if i didn't share my thoughts.
would fight me on it.
and I'm so thankful.
he's the most incredible person.
he's dynamic and inventive.
kind and passionate.
hilarious and sweet.

i didn't know.
i always wished and hoped.
but i didn't know it would be better than my dreams.
because it's real.

so thank you.
Thank you God for this life.
Thank you God for this experience.
for this gift of love.
I want to take care of it.
To always be thankful.
Help me to remember when i forget.